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Language: English German. Objectives: Currently there is a lack of information regarding the health-related quality of life HRQoL of healthy as well as chronically ill children on a European level.

Methods: Both projects shared similar steps: 1. Development phase, in which the items were generated and tested, 2. Survey and Field phase, in which the modified questionnaires were tested with healthy and chronically ill children and adolescents in national representative surveys, and 3. Implementation phase in national health surveys or clinical studies.

The current paper describes the development and pilot-testing as well as psychometric results of the field tests of both studies. Asthma krankheitsspezifische Module erarbeitet. Methodik: Beide Projekte kooperierten eng in der 1. Implementationsphase, in der die Instrumente in Gesundheitssurveys und in klinischen Studien genutzt werden. Der vorliegende Artikel beschreibt die Entwicklungsschritte der beiden Instrumentarien sowie Ergebnisse aus der psychometrischen Testung der Instrumente in den Feldphasen.

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Within the last decades health-related quality of life HRQoL has become increasingly important in epidemiological research, e. That information, easily accessible by simply questioning a person, is very valuable as it can predict objectively measurable health-related outcomes and, therefore, represents a meaningful indicator for health [ 2 ]. Until now, instruments — applied for reporting health situation on both national and international levels, and as a criterion for evaluation in the clinical context — have usually been developed exclusively for adults.

In striking contrast only a few European countries have developed questionnaires to assess the HRQoL of children and adolescents. These instruments either aimed at generic or disease-specific information. However, presently there is not sufficient data providing information about the subjective health of children and adolescents in different European countries.

In addition, such data ought to examine the influence of socio-economic factors as well as further determinants of health e. This would then allow an early identification of groups at risk. This information has not only yet to be gathered for healthy, but also for children and adolescents with a chronic disease or disability. The measuring of HRQoL, especially for these chronically ill children, is of importance not only for describing their actual situation and their health care needs, but also for evaluating clinical interventions.

Acquisition of such data requires a simultaneous development of questionnaires to measure subjective quality of life for healthy, chronically ill and disabled children and adolescents on a European level.

dcgm medicine

The DISABKIDS project, on the other hand, focuses on the development of disease-specific research instruments to measure the subjective health of children and adolescents with chronic illnesses [ 4 ].

The projects, both closely co-operating, passed comparable phases in the design of the questionnaires.Children with chronic conditions often experience a long treatment which can be complex and negatively impacts the child's well-being. In planning treatment and interventions for children with chronic conditions, it is important to measure health-related quality of life HrQoL.

HrQoL instruments are considered to be a patient-reported outcome measure PROM and should be used in routine practice. Method: The sample consist of six instruments for health-related quality of life for children 5 to 18 years of age, which was used in the Swedish national quality registries for children and adolescents with chronic conditions.

Results: There were meaningful concepts identified and linked to 88 categories in the classification ICF-CY with 29 categories of the component body functions, 48 categories of the component activities and participation and 11 categories of the component environmental factors. No concept were linked to the component body structures.

The comparison revealed that the items in the HrQoL instruments corresponded primarily with the domains of activities and less with environmental factors. The results of this study revealed the need for greater consensus of content across different HrQoL instruments. Health problems among children and adolescents have changed over the past century with an increased burden attributable to chronic conditions [ 1 ].

In planning treatment and interventions for children with chronic conditions it is important to measure quality of life and health-related quality of life HrQoL [ 2 ].

HrQoL instruments are considered to be a patient-reported outcome measure PROM and should be used in routine practice [ 4 ]. PROM can generally be defined as measures in which patients describe their experience of health, disease or treatment and can be used to assess generic dimensions such as well-being, health status or quality of life, as well as condition-specific activities and participation affected by a particular condition [ 5 ].

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Identifying differences in perceived health-related quality of life among children with chronic health conditions [ 6 ] would enable health care professionals to focus on psychological domains of importance measured by different HrQoL instruments [ 7 ]. Recent reviews have been made of various HrQoL instruments for children and adolescents that refer to multidimensional aspects of health [ 8 - 11 ].

ICF-CY has been used as a framework to compare HrQoL instruments in earlier studies [ 12 - 15 ] and has proved to be highly useful for analysis of content across measures. To clarify the content in patient reported measures for children with chronic conditions, a comparison of available instruments is needed to facilitate for health care personnel as well as researchers to select a patient-oriented instrument.

A chronic condition is characterized by its long duration and the fact that it is not amenable, but is managed across the life span. Modern medicine has made advances with potentially life-threatening chronic conditions so that children with conditions such as cancer or cystic fibrosis, are now surviving and living their lives.

Young people with chronic conditions face social, psychological as well as physical challenges. They want to live a normal life like their friends, and these challenges become more important in the adolescent years [ 2 ].

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Health, quality of life or health-related quality of life are concepts which are increasingly assessed in health services as a complement to physical variables [ 10 ]. Health is a dynamic process and not a static state. WHO World Health Organization has defined health as a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, not merely an absence of infirmity or disease.

Many aspects of situations in life must be considered when discussing health in addition to age or gender [ 18 ]. This perception includes physical health, level of independence, psychological state, social relations and personal beliefs.

Most individuals share common values in relation to quality of life, although priorities can vary by socio-demographic and personal characteristics [ 19 ]. Health-related quality of life is a multidimensional concept that refers to the subjective perception of physical, emotional, mental and social functioning and has its focus on the impact that health status has on quality of life [ 101920 ].

Within this framework, there are two central aspects to be measured in HrQoL. The second aspect is multidimensional including a broad range of factors, for example health status, treatment or disease, physiological, physical and social functioning [ 21 ].

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Health and function should not be separated from other aspects of life and HrQoL should not be differentiated from the concept of quality of life. All aspects of life can affect health, and health and development are intertwined for all people [ 23 ].

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The ICF-CY is an international taxonomy covering health aspects as well as health-related aspects of functioning and environment [ 24 ] and can be used as the basis for comparing instruments. ICF-CY has a bio-psychosocial approach of health, meaning different perspectives on health and are applicable both as a classification tool and a framework for research and clinical practice [ 25 ].

The system is built as a hierarchal system and includes four components with classification codes.It consists of 40 full members and approximately associate members from all areas of medicine and pharmacy. Five members and each one representative of the German Medical Association and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians form the board of directors which determines the general directions for the work of the commission.

A central office led by an executive secretary carries out the decisions and instructions of the board of directors. In contrast to some new established institutions in the German health care system, e. A forerunner organization was already founded in ; the present commission dates back to The commission uses different media and platforms to disseminate its expertise based on the knowledge of its members: The DCGMA informs the physicians about risks of adverse drug reactions via regular announcements in the official journal of the German medical profession, the "Deutsches Aerzteblatt".

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Information on indication, recommendation on economic prescription, costs, risk of adverse drug reactions, etc. The flyer is distributed to all German physicians as a supplement to the "Deutsches Aerzteblatt". Since the DCGMA develops therapeutic guidelines which are intended to provide a solid basis of therapeutic rationality. Being evidence based and practice orientated, these guidelines are not supposed to restrict or replace independent and responsible action. Since it publishes the book "Pharmaceutical Prescriptions" which offers recommendations for a rational and economical pharmaceutical therapy.

Since the journal "Pharmaceutical prescriptions in practice" AVP appears times per year. Within 4 therapeutic symposia held up in different German cities new released guidelines are presented and used as an educational basis for interested physicians. In addition, the commission publishes health information for patients based on the therapeutic guidelines. Since all full and associate members as well as the academic staff of the central office have to declare their potential conflicts of interest to the chairman.

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Kongresses der DGIM The main tasks of the commission are providing the medical profession with various and up-to-date information on rational drug therapy and drug safety advising the German Medical Association in fundamental questions of pharmaceutical policy and special requests of physicians and official institutions of health care official expert for medical science and practice as authorised organisation for the early benefit assessment of pharmaceuticals pursuant to the Social Code SGB V.

According to the professional code of conduct of physicians all adverse drug reactions have to be reported to the Drug Commission. Zum Seitenanfang.

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Do not stop using this medicine suddenly after long-term use, or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor how to safely stop using the medicine.

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